YÔR Water is a mission-driven beverage brand founded in 2019 by Lyndell Parris, and her son Kalif Alder. Our story is quite an intricate and perhaps somewhat contentious tale. In 1999, Lyndell Parris, and her two brothers Lenox and Lester Parris embarked on a journey to establish a water brand called Queench. Back then, the concept of bottled water was entirely novel. Queénch soared in popularity and achieved remarkable success, going public in 2002 and making Lyndell Parris the first woman ever to lead a publicly traded beverage company.
However 2005, tragedy struck when the SEC targeted the Queénch team, accusing them of exaggerating press releases. This led to the dissolution of Queénch in 2008, where the Parris brothers faced a five-year sentence in federal prison. It's essential to acknowledge that the case against Queénch was, in our view, entirely unfounded and built on nothing but baseless claims. The consequences of this ordeal extended beyond the company, inflicting an irreparable wound upon our family and our reputation. 
Our background isn't one of privilege or a trust fund; rather, we come from a lineage of immigrants who had to work hard for everything they earned. Though there is much more to this intricate story, we stand here today, driven by a pursuit not of revenge but of redemption. We aim to reclaim what was lost, rebuild what was broken, and demonstrate that this is a journey of resilience and hope. We invite you to join us on this transformative path to self-discovery and redemption.